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Solar-Sonic status update:

The 26-foot RV (formerly known as The Camel) has been refurbed completely:
with all new interior, a kilowatt of solar panels on the roof, speakers on the roof,
an intense-yet-tasteful LED mini light-show inside and out (!), and of course a sparkling new silver paint-job
(scroll to pics at bottom of page)
And so our original Re-Creational Vehicle (first bought in 1998) is now in the midst of the final project:
getting custom-designed semi-robotic studio desks installed... by a local master of futuristic furniture (!)

The 23-foot satellite RV (formerly known as The Rocket) has had all of its mechanical kinks worked out,
with 2 more solar panels ready to install on the roof... and is about to get painted this weekend (perhaps a light metallic green?)....
Yes, its the beginnings of a fleet!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -

Well, after 6 years of re-design and re-building, and after a fresh coat of paint last sunday,
we can finally say, "the eagle has landed"! Me and my original 78 GMC Motorhome have returned
back to the very same site where a drunk driver crashed into us, nearly 6 years ago!

Parked alongside the Pacific ocean, i'm especially ecstatic to report that as of 12 noon today,
we're getting a whopping 54 amps of solar charge power (!).... enough to run a serious sound system...
So.... the experiment seems to be successful... and we're ready to take it to the next phase

Meanwhile, here's a little pictoral of the Eklektro RV history... and the re-build process... enjoy:

Once upon a time, I bought a motorhome, left my eastcoast life behind, and headed west to California (ahh, how cliche!)...
After a few months exploring Los Angeles, and most especially being blown away by Burningman in '99,
I bought solar panels, got wireless internet, and started brainstorming plans to maybe organize some music-based caravans.

In early '02, when i took the plunge and bought a 2nd RV (in order to help house a crew for such a coast to coast caravan),
I realized that the very IDEA of mobile multimedia had apparently seized control of my senses.
I was now hopelessly addicted to an all-encompassing super-fringe lifestyle!
I was a tech-nomad, and for a short time, i had 2 perfectly working RVs... One as my own dwelling,
and the other i would periodically lend out to musician friends.

June 2003... 18 months later, and just coming up to speed in "caravan mode"... crash!
(Malibu, the morning after... at the point of impact)
Fate dealt me a strange hand.... A drunk driver came out of nowhere and hit me while i was parked,
unprepared for impact (i thought it was a tidal wave)... Not only smashing the front end,
but bending the frame... totalling the vehicle, and sending me to a chiropractor in the process....

After a summer-long insurance battle, i took my modest settlement, bought the totalled RV back for scrap, put it in storage,
squeezed my living quarters and music studio into the little 23-foot 1976 GMC, and took a months-long trip way down into Mexico... to figure things out.
My nomadic videographer friend Paolo caravanned with me, with his own mini mobile studio,
and together we video-blogged several episodes from the road.
As we headed deeper south, that's when we first coined the phrase "solar-sonic"....

Summer '04, and soon after i got back, i had "The Camel" towed out to the desert... Hemet, CA...
where i was working a deal with a rancher who happened to be a welder, and a fan of the GMC motorhome.

Still "living on wheels", without a fixed address, I bought yet ANOTHER GMC motorhome..
an old '73... a big hulk of classic Americana... with no motor,...
Perhaps the best $500 i ever spent, i farmed this vehicle to get all the necessary frame,
radiator and bumper parts for my motorhome's rebuild.
I lived at the ranch for several months, oftentimes solo, with hundreds of acres to myself (but still connected to internet).
I took the time to fine-tune the Eklektro video blog and began work on a book (perpetually in progress: Cyber EZ Ryder: Tales of the Tech-Nomadic).
As waas our deal, I traded the rancher the rear half of the RV in exchange for several months of camping... and as payment towards the eventual frame welding job. I sold off the rest of the rare parts via the internet.
Job completed, and the night before leaving for Thailand; via a brainstorm with my friend Brian from Naoism, we coined the concept, Perpetual Apollo

Late 2005, we got The Camel driveable again (but still super ugly),
and i finally found a place in LA where i could park both of them... together.
I began saving re-build funds by independently refurbishing Apple laptops....

Late 2008, and with the help of some workers i found on craigslist, I began refurbishing the interior (still in progress),...
then in early '09, i got a custom roof rack welded (thanks JD!), next we mounted and wired 1 kilowatt of solar panels (thanks Karl),
and primed the RV for paint (thanks Rich)...
Having just gotten out of the hospital myself, the project wouldn't have been able to happen without the efforts of several
friends, workers and artisans,.... So extra special thanks to Jim Bounds, Mac Maker, Amanda, Cor, Peat, Lindsay, Mario, Mark and Jon....

Rich and Mark, in the paint-booth

Fresh out of the booth... and back at the bat-cave... ready for reassembly....

Reunited, and in matching colors.... ready for the next caravan!

Back to ground zero (this morning)... the exact site of impact....
Nearly 6 years later,... Stronger, and in silver!
So via our new venture,, and with a Sprint mobile broadband card, we're just about ready to start mobile broadcasting (!)
(with test broadcasts any day now.. and with flash-mob performances and full-time broadcasts slated for this summer)...

And here's where we need your help:

Solar-Sonic is seeking someone super-tech oriented who's ready to pursue a semi-nomadic RV adventure.... ASAP....
Seeking someone on a Mac format who can help us engineer and produce a weekly video show,
as well as an album of original electronic music, composed while on-the-road, crossing the country...
Yes, its a tall order.. collaboration in the extreme... but with huge dividends!
We're offering an all-expenses-paid mobile studio residency, for the right person... (or pre-existing crew of 2 or 3?)
Tired of living in the confines of a stationary studio? Test out your creative skills once met with the inspiration of ever-changing locations!
We're offering a 23' matching silver RV... set up with solar... (and currently getting nicely refurbished)...
So please forward this part of this email to anyone you think would be qualified and interested.

thanks much, and stay tuned for Solar-Sonic

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