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: BEFORE and AFTER:::::::::
rebuilding a retro solar-studio RV>>>>>>>

Here's the "BEFORE shot"... The Camel (tan RV), ready for refurb, and jealous of the silver RV's 2 solar panels...

Click below for a video of the solar-rack install process (!)

And here's the rooftop finished product... one full kilowatt!
rooftop solar

rooftop solar

rooftop solar

Back to work: Demonstrating the panel tilt capability on top the dusty RV....
still pre-paintjob, now digging in to interior stuff....

The Crew: Karl, Jon (masked for painting) and Amanda

The cockpit, seats removed and dash taped up so we can paint away the 1978 brown vinyl... bye bye brown!

Amanda's custom seats, in electric blue, ready to re-mount...
More interior shots are forthcoming (work still in progress)!

The panels look a lot better with the RV freshly painted silver (click for pics of paint-job process).....

and now for the side-by-side BEFORE and AFTER shots.....

After the crash > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > and finally Back to the Beach!

stay tuned for Solar-Sonic

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